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Lakes380 international collaborator Professor Stephen Meyers on inspiring scientific literacy through cultivating empathy

Professor Stephen Meyers (University of Wisconsin-Madison) in conversation with social scientist Dr Charlotte Šunde (Cawthron Institute) discusses his field of paleoclimatology, and the ways in which the Lakes380 project is contributing internationally through an “encyclopaedia of lakes” that doesn’t exist elsewhere. Misrepresentation of his 2017 article in Nature by climate change deniers prompted Professor Meyers to collaborate with artists to “cultivate a populace where sound logic and sound reason, and also empathy for each other, govern decision making.” This led to a novel response, and together with Gigi Cohen they created the tadada Scientific Lab (, aiming to inspire scientific literacy and cultivate emotional connections to science through unique classroom opportunities.

Exploring the current and historic health of New Zealand’s most northern lakes (25 June 2019)

Read about the Lake380 team moving to Northland and the unique dune lakes.

Lake New Zealand’s most northern iwi, Ngāti Kuri, and researchers led by scientists from GNS Science and the Cawthron Institute, will this week start scientifically sampling some of the country’s most remote lakes north of Kaitaia.

The Lakes 380 team taking core samples from a dune lake in Northland
Dr Susie Wood from Cawthron taking water samples from a dune lake in Northland

Lakes380 on TVNZ news


Lakes380 Media Pack 2018
Susie talking about sediment cores and Lake380 at the LERNZ workshop at Waikato University in Hamilton April 2018

Susie talking about sediment cores and Lakes380 at the LERNZ ( workshop in April 2018

Health-check: More North Island lakes graded ‘bad’ than ‘good’

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Marcus Vandergoes from GNS:
$12m to test lakes

Listen to Marcus Vandergoes talk about the project in an interview on Radio New Zealand

Project to understand health of lakes receives $12 million in MBIE funding

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