Lake Tahaaroa (Waikato)

Lake Tahaaroa is the central lake of a complex of seven shallow freshwater dune lakes. Together they make up the only significant coastal freshwater wetland between Kaipara Harbour to the north and the South Taranaki bight. Taharoa lakes wetlands are now under a comprehensive restoration plan led by local iwi through the Taharoa Lakes Trust, […]

Lake Rotokotuku / Kotukutuku

Kotukutuku (Lake Rotokotuku) is a small peat lake located approximately five kilometers southeast of Te Kuiti in the Waitomo district. The lake and surrounding wetland are associated with peat soils within a karst catchment.The wetlands are fed via groundwater, rain, and surface runoff during high rainfall events but there are no streams or drains entering […]

Lake Harihari

Lake Harihari is a remote dune-dammed lake located some 10 km south of Kawhia on the Waikato Region’s west coast. The lake bed belongs to Tahāroa Lakes Trust and the land around it is private ( Lake Harihari’s water quality and overall condition are very good, and the best amongst the Waikato dune lakes. It […]