Lake Hayes / Waiwhakaata

Wiawhakaata (Lake Hayes) is a 280 hectare lake (31 m maximum depth), that has become eutrophic due to elevated nutrient inputs from its catchment. The Lake Hayes catchment has been used for agriculture since late 1800s, but severe degradation was not observed until the late 1960s, when the bottom waters of the lake became anoxic […]

Lake Johnson / Waipuna

Waipuna (Lake Johnson) is a small relatively shallow lake near Queenstown in the Queenstown-lakes region of Otago. It has a maximum depth of 27 m, a surface area of 0.2 km² and resides in a small catchment (1.9 km²). It is classified as a glacial lake with no natural in-flowing or out-flowing water; the only […]

Lake Brunner / Kōtukuwhakaoka

Kōtukuwhakaoka (Lake Brunner) is the largest lake in the northwestern South Island of New Zealand, covering an area of 39 km². It was gouged out by a branch of the Taramakau Glacier and is one of a cluster of lakes within this sector of the Grey River catchment. The lake is fed by the Crooked, […]

Lake Kāurupātaka

Lake Kāurupātaka is a small lake tucked in-behind a hill to the south of the Taramakau River at the northern limit of Arthur’s Pass National Park. It is surrounded by native vegetation.

Lady Lake

Lady Lake is a small shallow body of water of which 50% is open water and the remainder is swampy flats. The lake supports populations of a number of species of waterfowl, including endemic and indigenous species, and the endemic Giant Kokopu. Lady Lake is a glacially formed lake enclosed by a moraine of the […]

Lake Māhinapua

Lake Māhinapua is a shallow lake on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island. It is about 10 kilometres south of Hokitika and near the small town of Ruatapu. It was formerly a coastal lagoon, but the buildup of coastal dunes made it an inland lake roughly 500 metres from the Tasman Sea coastline […]

Lake Mapourika

Lake Mapourika is located on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island. It lies north of Franz Josef Glacier and the out-flowing Ōkārito River drains it into the Ōkārito Lagoon. It is the largest of the West Coast lakes, a glacier formation from the last ice age (source wikipedia).

Lake Lochnagar / Ōtaka

Ōtaka (Lake Lochnagar), also known as Goat Lake, is an alpine lake at an altitude of 1083 m, situated in the Mt Aspiring National Park south/west of Lake Wanaka. The lake is surrounded by steep mountain terrain.


A small alpine lake on the West Coast. It is situated just below West Peak and East Peak, 4 km north-east of Makawhio River (Jacobs River).

Alpine Lake / Ata Puai

Ata Puai (Alpine Lake) is a lake in West Coast, south of Blanchards Creek. It is surrounded by native vegetation.

Lake Douglas

Alpine lake on the tree line, located on the West Coast. It is situated in the Mark Range just south of the Haast River.

Lake Eggeling

Lake Eggeling is a small alpine lake just above tree line on the West Coast with an elevation of 1045 m. It is situated in the Mark Range just south of the Haast River.

Lake Gault

Perched above the renowned Lake Matheson/Te Ara Kairaumati, Lake Gault is a lowland lake surrounded by native vegetation. It is also recently home to New Zealand’s rarest kiwi, the rowi.

Lake Greaney

Lake Greaney is an alpine lake at 1188 m altitude in the Haast Range on the West Coast.

Lake Haupiri

Lake Haupiri is a small lake located inland from Nelson Creek, north of Greymouth. It is a popular place for trout fishing and boating. Lake Haupiri has, on its southern side, a significant community, and substantial dairy farming. Lake Haupiri is a riverine lake. The main inflows to the lake are on the south and […]