Lake Alta

Lake Alta is a an alpine lake situated within The Remarkables Mountain Range above lake Whākatipu. The lake is a glacially formed cirque located within the perimeter of The Remarkables ski field area. The path to the lake is a popular hike and the lake is used for Antarctic diving preparation.


This alpine lake is situated close to Queenstown below Te Kārearea Peak, to the south of The Remarkables Mountain Range. The lake drains to the Kawarau river via the Nevis River.

Lake Hope

Lake Hope is an alpine lake in The Remarkables Mountain Range. The lake drains to Lake Wakatipu via the Wye Creek South Branch.

Lake McRae

Lake McRae is a small alpine lake located on the Molesworth recreation reserve, nestled within the Inland Kaikoura Ranges in Marlborough. The lake was formed when two very large landslides dammed the valley around the end of the last ice age (15 thousand years ago). The lake has since been accumulating sediments mainly from Goat […]

Hokakura / Lake Sumner

Hokakura (Lake Sumner) is a large, deep lake adjacent to the Lake Sumner Forest Park. Its catchment is mostly forested. Lake Sumner is located on the mainstem of the Hurunui River and due to its large size and connection with the river lake levels can vary by up to 3.5 m during flood events. The […]

Lake Marion

Lake Marion is located in a native forest catchment north of Lake Sumner, in the Hurunui – Waiau Water Management Zone.  Despite Lake Marion being a relatively undisturbed natural lake, it often has somewhat high concentrations of nutrients. This may be linked to organic inputs from surrounding forest, as well as water remaining in the […]

Lake Elterwater

Lake Elterwater is situated 35km south east of Blenheim, adjacent to State Highway 1. Low hills to the east separate it from the sea, 5km away. The lake is located in a catchment with low rainfall, dry springs and summers, strong winds and moderate winter temperatures. The lake is of substantial size but very shallow, […]

Lake Sheppard

Lake Sheppard lies is adjacent to Lake Taylor in the Lake Sumner Conservation area. Lake Sheppard’s catchment is more intensively used for pastoral farming than other lakes in the area. Main image by David G. Schmale III, Virginia Tech,

Lake Mason

Lake Mason is situated southwest of Loch Katrine in the Lake Sumner Conservation park. The lake is split in two independent lakes; a deep lake (39 m Lake Mason) and a much shallower second lake (2 m Little Lake Mason). They drain into each other. Lake Mason’s catchment is dominated by mountain beech forest and […]

Waitetemoroiti / Loch Katrine

Waitetemoroiti (Loch Katrine) is a small, glacially formed, high country lake located in Lake Sumner Conservation Park, in the upper Hurunui River catchment ( The lake drains to Lake Sumner through a wetland and narrow channel. It can separate into two basins at low lake levels. Loch Katrine acts as a boat harbour for both […]

Lake Taylor

Lake Taylor is a high country lake located in the upper Hurunui River catchment ( It is a medium sized, deep lake near to Lake Sumner. Its catchment is a mix of high and low productivity exotic grassland, native forest and tussock. The lake drains into the Hurunui River downstream of the outlet from Lake […]

Horseshoe Lake (Canterbury)

Horseshoe Lake in the Lewis Pass sits just to the south of the Hope River, close to where it joins the Waiau River. It sits south east of Hamner Springs along State Highway 7.

Sutton Salt Lake

Sutton Salt Lake is New Zealand’s only inland salt lake, with water about half as salty as seawater. Formed in a windy cool-temperate maritime climate, the lake is distinctly different from most of the world’s saline lakes that form in arid continental settings. The site receives c. 500 mm/year rainfall and the surface evaporation rate […]

Lake Dispute

Lake Dispute is a small lake surrounded by steep mountains near Lake Wakatipu’s Queenstown-Glenorchy road. The Lake Dispute water management zone covers an area of 594 hectares (LAWA)

Lake Kirkpatrick

Lake Kirkpatrick is a small lake surrounded by steep mountains near Lake Wakatipu, situated beside the Moke Lake access off road.