Lake Kaituna / Lake B

Lake Kaituna (also known as Lake B) is one of eight small peat lakes in the Horsham Downs district, north of Hamilton city. Once part of the now drained Kainui peat bog, the lake is located in an agricultural catchment and is hydrologically linked to the smaller Lake Komakorau (Lake C). Lake Kaituna covers an […]

Lake Te Ku Utu

Lake Te Ku Utu (sometimes spelled Te Koo Utu and Te Koutu) is a 5.3 hectare lake situated in the heart of urban Cambridge, in the Cambridge Domain. The lake was treasured by Maori in pre-European days, taking eels, koura and fresh water from the lake, whose name translates to “ladle dipping into water”. The […]

Lake Rotoroa / Hamilton Lake

Lake Rotoroa (Hamilton Lake) is the largest of three lakes located within Hamilton city. The lake is used for a wide variety of recreational activities and is an important habitat for wildlife. Lake Rotoroa has high levels of phosphorus and nitrogen, which affect water clarity. However, water quality has improved over recent years as nutrient […]

Lake Rotokauri

Lake Rotokauri is located seven kilometres north-west of Hamilton city. It has a surface area of 77 hectares and a maximum depth of four metres. It is a peat lake and is part of the Waipa peat lake complex. The catchment area surrounding the lake is a mixture of residential, industrial and pastoral. Lake Rotokauri […]

Lake Maratoto

Lake Maratoto is a 16 ha peat lake located 10 km south of Hamilton City. It drains to Mystery Creek, a tributary of the Waikato River. The lake and adjacent wetlands have a LENZ ranking of Acutely Threatened and Underprotected. They lie on the eastern side of the Rukuhia ‘Swamp’, a 6000ha raised bog that […]

Lake Kainui / Lake D

Lake Kainui (also known as Lake D) is located within the Kainui peat bog in the Horsham Downs area, north of Hamilton. It is a shallow peat lake which has important ecological values. Due to its locality, the lake is highly peat-influenced, giving the water a brown/tea-coloured appearance. It suffers from regular cyanobacterial blooms, and […]

Lake Waiwhakareke / Horseshoe Lake

Horseshoe Lake (Lake Waiwhakareke) is located on the outskirts of Hamilton in the Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Park (WHNP). WHNP is an award-winning, inter-generational ecological restoration project established in 2004. Main image by David G. Schmale III, Virginia Tech,