A small dune lake surrounded by pastoral land. The lake is in poor health.

Lake Waitahora

Lake Waitahora, is the northernmost lake in New Zealand, a coastal dune lake situated adjacent to Spirits Bay, south of Cape Reinga.

Lake Waiparera

Lake Waiparera is the largest of the Aupouri Peninsula lakes (108 hectares) but is relatively shallow (5.2 m). The lake catchment is approximately 70% pasture (mostly fenced) with the remainder in native scrub or wetland. The lake has several inflows, mostly drains on the south western side, but also a drain on the north-western and […]

Wai Raupo

Also known as Lake Ngakeketo North, this small dune lake in surrounded by manuka forest and large sand dunes.

Lake Wahakari

Lake Wahakari is a deep dune lake with a single south-central basin and a shallower area in its western end. The lake is classified as a Class 1 Perched dune lake, meaning it sits above the water table. The lake is ponded between dunes to the west and weathered hill country, with heavy clay soils […]

Lake Te Ketekete

A shallow dune lake in a large wetland complex north of Te Paki.

Lake Rotoroa

Part of the Sweetwater group of lakes. The lake is fairly large (33.7 hectares) and relatively deep (7.3 m). The lake has no defined inflows or outflows (source www.lawa.co.nz).

Lake Ngakeketo

Lake Ngakeketo is situated in sand dunes and is an impounded stream system occupying 11.3 hectares. The catchment is vegetated with manuka (70%), pasture and pines (20%) and mobile dune (10%) near the outlet. The lake is comprised of two arms; the western arm fed by a stream flowing from the north, with the outflow […]

Lake Ngakapua

Lake Ngakapua is divided into two basins (North and South) and is separated by a dense bed of kuta and a small island. Ngakapua North is approximately 4.3 hectares with a maximum depth of 8.3 m. Surrounding land-use is predominantly pasture with some pines on the western edge. The north basin was fenced to exclude […]

Lake Heather

This dune lake is 12.5 hectares in area with a maximum depth of 6.8 m. The margins are fenced and recently enhanced with native planting. The lake is used for shooting and the catchment is mostly pasture, with scrub along the eastern edge. There are no inflow or outflow streams (source www.lawa.co.nz)..

Lake Carrot

Lake Carrot is a 3.4 hectare dune lake, located near Waipapakauri. It is part of the Sweetwater dune lake system. Lake Carrot has a maximum depth of 7.9 m and has no surface water inflows or outflows. The catchment is dominated by pasture and forestry. The lake contains good native charophyte meadows however the invasive […]

Lake Waipara

Lake Waipara is 2.4 hectares in area and 4.4 m deep. Ringed by a narrow margin of manuka scrubland, a forest road and then plantation pine forestry. No inflow or outflow streams (source www.lawa.co.nz).

Lake Waihopo

Lake Waihopo is a small (10.9 hectares) dune lake with a maximum depth of 3.7 m. The catchment is primarily pasture (80%) with areas of grazed manuka/kanuka scrub. However, the lake is completely fenced to exclude livestock but cattle have been observed accessing the margins (source www.lawa.co.nz).

Lake Te Kahika

Lake Te Kahika is a unique lake with a pH of about 4 which prevents submerged vegetation from growing in the lake. The lake is approximately 14.1 hectares in size with a maximum depth of 11.1 m and is located near Te Kao. Lake Te Kahika is situated in a forestry dominated catchment, surrounded by […]

Lake Rotokawau (Aupouri)

Lake Rotokawau is a dune lake. It is a small (16 hectares), shallow (3.4 m) water body within a catchment of mostly fenced pasture (70%), scrub and planted forest (30%), with no major inflows or outflow (source www.lawa.co.nz).