Lake Rotoroa / Hamilton Lake

Lake Rotoroa (Hamilton Lake) is the largest of three lakes located within Hamilton city. The lake is used for a wide variety of recreational activities and is an important habitat for wildlife. Lake Rotoroa has high levels of phosphorus and nitrogen, which affect water clarity. However, water quality has improved over recent years as nutrient […]

Lake Rotokauri

Lake Rotokauri is located seven kilometres north-west of Hamilton city. It has a surface area of 77 hectares and a maximum depth of four metres. It is a peat lake and is part of the Waipa peat lake complex. The catchment area surrounding the lake is a mixture of residential, industrial and pastoral. Lake Rotokauri […]

Lake Koromatua

Lake Koromatua is located 5km south west of the edge of Hamilton. The 6.5 hectare lake is perched on the edge of what was once the extensive Rukuhia peat dome, one of 11 major peat formations in the Waikato basin. It’s one of a meandering chain of more than 31 peat lakes, formed over 17,000 […]

Lake Rotokaeo / Forest Lake

Forest Lake (Lake Rotokaeo) is located within Minogue Park in Hamilton urban area. The Māori name Rotokaeo translates as Lake (roto) of freshwater mussels (kāeo). In the past it also provided other food, such as koura, kokopu and tuna (eels), and plants such as raupō, mangemange and flax ( The area was once a large […]