Whatihua Lake / Thompson’s Lake

Lake Whatihua (also known as Thompson’s Lake) is a long and narrow dune lake, surrounded by farmland at the base of the Āwhitu Peninsula. It is made up of a dune lake and wetland complex. It is located approximately five kilometres west of Waiuku, near Karioitahi beach and Lake Puketi. A narrow band of wetland […]

Lake Puketi

Lake Puketi is a small dune lake near Kariotahi Beach to the north of Waikato’s west coast. It is the bigger of the “Twin Dune Lakes” (Lakes Pukei and Lake Rotoiti), which have an old pa site between them. This is part of the Awhitu Ecological District (www.awhitu.org.nz). Main image by David G. Schmale III, […]