Lake Rotoiti (Nelson Lakes)

Lake Rotoiti is the smaller of the two large glacial lakes in Nelson Lakes national park. The lakes were formed when rivers were dammed behind past glaciers’ terminal moraines (ridges of rubble that form at the front of a glacier) (source

Lake Waiorongomai

Lake Waiorongomai is a small lake (6 hectares) that forms part of the cluster of dune lake/wetland systems located just north of Otaki on the border between the Wellington and Manawatu-Wanganui regions.

Lake Waitawa

Lake Waitawa is a small (~16 hectares), shallow (typically ≤ 7m deep) dune lake situated just north of Otaki near the edge of Greater Wellington’s regional boundary. It is part of a group of highly modified small dune lake/wetland systems found in this area. The lake is fed by several small streams/wetlands that run into […]