Karere Lagoon

Lake Karere is situated at Tiakitahuna, between the Manawatū river and State Highway 56. It is one of the many ox-bow lakes along the banks of the Manawatū River (manawatuheritage.pncc.govt.nz). Karere Lagoon is an important bird habitat (www.mdc.govt.nz).

Voss Lagoon

Voss Lagoon is categorized as a low priority wetland by the Horizons Regional Council (www.horizons.govt.nz).

Pukepuke Lagoon

Pukepuke Lagoon is a dune lake and wetland situated between Himitanga and Tangimoana, and is an important wetland habitat for birds, freshwater fish and native plants. The Pukepuke Conservation Area is Managed by the Department of Conservation and a (free) permit is required to visit the area. A number of species, seldom found elsewhere in […]