Kapoai is a dune lake set within a pastoral catchment on the Pouto peninsula.  The lake has recently been fenced around much of the perimeter. There is an inlet at the northern end of the lake, draining approximately 2 km of pasture to the north-east.

Lake Kai-iwi

Lake Kai Iwi is 27.6 hectares in area with a maximum depth of 15.7 m. It is the smallest of the Kai Iwi lake group. The lake margin is bordered by scrub, with recently felled pine plantation in its upper catchment. There is a small stream that flows into Lake Kai Iwi on the southern […]

Lake Taharoa (Northland)

Lake Taharoa is Northland’s deepest lake with a maximum depth of 38 m and is the region’s second largest lake (237 ha). Its catchment is dominated by pine plantation, however the trees were felled in late 2010. This lake is popular for boating, swimming and water skiing (source www.lawa.co.nz)..

Lake Waikare

Lake Waikare is a relatively large lake (29 hectares) with a maximum depth of 29.5 m. This lake is easily accessible and is regularly used for recreational activities. Its catchment is mainly native scrub, with some pine forestry and pastoral land use (source www.lawa.co.nz)..