Lake Waiporohita is a small dune lake (6.8 hectares) located near Tokerau Beach on the Karikari Peninsula. This shallow lake (maximum depth of 3.5 m) is located in a pastoral dominated catchment which is completely fenced. The lake has no inflows or outflows. Public access is off Inland Road with a firm (iron pan overlaid […]

Rotokawau East

A shallow dune lake on the Karikari Peninsula, adjacent to Lake Rotokawau.

Lake Rotokawau (Karikari)

This lake is 12 m deep with a hard iron pan base overlaid by sand. It is the larger of the two lakes near Rangiputa being 63 hectares in area. The surrounding catchment is kanuka/manuka scrub and pasture, with pohutukawa forest on the beach ridge to the north of the lake. The lake has no […]

Lake Rotopokaka

This lake is often called “Coca Cola Lake” due to its dark tannin staining. The surrounding catchment is manuka scrub, with pohutukawa, cabbage tree and flax along the eastern margin. The lake has no inflows or outflows. The large areas of wetland adjacent to the lake provides good habitat for many aquatic birds.