Congratulations Jamie Howarth

Congratulations Lakes380 Science Leader Jamie Howarth – winner of the McKay Hammer Award in 2022. The top GeoScience award in Aotearoa-New Zealand!!! Jamie’s foundational work has used lake sediment cores to understand earthquake history and help predict the likelihood of further events in Aotearoa-New Zealand. In Lakes380 Jamie has been buidling all the chronology (age […]

Congratulations Georgia

Congratulations to Lakes380 PhD student Georgia Thomson-Laing who was recognised recently at Waitī Waitā – the New Zealand Freshwater Science Society Conference for her amazing research. Georgia was awarded the Best Oral Presentation for her talk exploring the use of environmental DNA to detect and track the impact of European Perch in Lake Pounui. Congratulations […]

Congratulations Caitlin Wheeler

Congratulation to Lakes380 Masters Student Caitlin Wheeler from Massey University for receiving the New Zealand Freshwater Science Society Scholarship in Freshwater Research This scholarship is to support postgraduate research to gain a deeper understanding of any aspect of freshwater environments in Aotearoa. Caitlins Masters research focuses on using sediment cores and a mixture of analysis […]

New documentary featuring global lake expert Dame Carolyn Burns

The national Lakes380 research programme led by GNS Science and Cawthron Institute has released a new documentary film featuring world-renowned limnologist Emerita Professor Dame Carolyn Burns of the University of Otago. Produced by Cawthron Institute social scientist Dr Charlotte Šunde with funding support from the New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society, the interview with Dame Carolyn […]

Charlotte Šunde on Waatea News

A great interview from Cawthron Social Scientist Charlotte Sunde on Waatea News. Charlotte provides insights in to the recently released documentary ‘Te Pātaka Kai o Tūwiriroa’.

Article about Andrew Rees

Reconstruction for restoration – Read a great article about Andrew Rees and the Lakes380 programme published on the Victoria University of Wellington website.

Katie Brasell – Southern eDNA society seminar

Lakes380 team member Katie Brasell recently presented some of her PhD research to the Southern eDNA Society. In her talk titled – “A shaky past: natural pulse disturbance and multi-trophic resilience in a pristine NZ lake revealed with sedDNA” Katie explains why studying a lake with a natural disturbance cycle is important for better understanding […]

Three short films released

Language loss and recovery – a Kāi Tahu story Within three generations, te reo Māoriis almost extinct in our native villages here.” Cousins Steve Bryant and Ian Bryant share personal memories of growing up with their Māori heritage and language suppressed. For Kāi Tahu today, there is a renewed focus on their indigenous language and […]

Te Pātaka Kai o Tūwiriroa – new film launched

Te Pātaka Kai o Tūwiriroa shines a light on the formerly bountiful food storehouses of Tūwiriroa, the Kāti Māmoe rakatira (chief). It alludes to the work of restoring healthy waterways and replenishing native birds, fish and plants that traditionally sustained takata whenua for many generations. Treasured mahika kai (food-gathering places) include Waihora ki Taiari (Lake Waihola) […]

Virtual experience of D’Urville Island’s Lake Moawhitu launched

Ngāti Koata of Te Tauihu/Top of the South and Lakes380 have launched a cutting-edge virtual experience of Rangitoto ki te Tonga /D’Urville Island’s Lake Moawhitu to help Iwi members and the wider public understand the lake’s cultural history, water quality issues and restoration goals. The immersive online experience, developed in partnership with researchers from the […]

Stuff article on the Lake Moawhitu Virtual Experience

Rangitoto ki te Tonga (D’Urville Island) tangata whenua Ngāti Koata and the Lakes380 team have launched an immersive online experience which allows users to explore four virtual “worlds” of the island’s Lake Moawhitu throughout the ages, from pre-human settlement, Māori settlement, present day, and 100 years into the future. Read the article featured on the […]

Congratulations to Lena Schallenberg

A huge congratulations to Lena Schallenberg! Lena has just been awarded a prestigious Student Award by the International Society of Limnology. Lena’s recently completed PhD (Otago University, New Zealand) focused on the tiny (but mighty) picocyanobacteria that form the base of many lake foodwebs. She characterised picocyanobacterial diversity and dynamics from a range of contrasting […]

A new documentary has just gone live on!

The wisdom of age that characterises Masterton resident, kaumātua Nelson Rangi (Rangitakaiwaho), shines through his unique humour, grace and warmth. His recollections span nine decades, from early school years at Pirinoa and experiences as a young man working on south Wairarapa farms. Nelson vividly recalls hearing “barking eels” during the tuna heke at Lake Onoke, […]

Kilham Memorial Lecture Award

Congratulations to co-programme leader Susie Wood for being awarded the prestigious International Society of Limnology Kilham Memorial Lecture Award. Susie is a world expert in cyanobacteria and co-leads the Lakes380 project. Her research is multidisciplinary and integrating, with the overarching goal of improving knowledge on our freshwater ecosystems. It’s fantastic to see her work being […]