Matthews Lagoon

Matthew’s Lagoon is located at the eastern edge of Lake Wairarapa in the Greater Wellington Region. The lagoon is part of the wider Wairarapa Moana wetland complex, which became a RAMSAR site in 2020, recognising it as a wetland of international importance. The Lagoon formed as a result of sanddune deposition and changes in river […]

Lake Rototawai

Lake Rototawai is a small lake which lies on a farm near Kahutara, to the east of Lake Wairarapa, and is mostly used for duck shooting. The lakebed is alluvial plain bordering old sand dune. The lake is in a degraded state and thick with green algae.

Barton’s Lagoon

Barton’s Lagoon is a shallow 7.5 hectare lake connected to the north end of Lake Wairarapa. It is part of the wider Wairarapa Moana wetland complex, which became a RAMSAR site in 2020.The lagoon is part of a collaborative restoration project to restore the native wetlands species and restablish the valuable role wetlands play in […]

Lake Wairarapa

Lake Wairarapa is part of the largest lake/wetland complex in the southern North Island, and is situated just a few kilometres south of Featherston on the eastern side of the Wellington Region. The lake is considered to be of both national and international importance due to its significant cultural, ecological, recreational and natural character values.  […]

Lake Pounui

Lake Pounui is situated on the south western side of Lake Wairarapa. Its catchment is 95% native forest. Recent monitoring shows the lake has severe cyanobacterial blooms and poor water quality.

Lake Onoke

Lake Onoke is approximately 622 hectares in size and is the second largest lake in the Wellington region. It is located at the very bottom of the Ruamahanga River catchment on the southern Wairarapa coast and drains to Palliser Bay through an opening via a sand spit at the south-eastern end of the lake. The […]

Lake Nganoke

Lake Nganoke is a small shallow lake in the Wairarapa. The catchment of the lake is primarily pasture. A mix of exotic and native trees planted in the 1960’s form a riparian buffer around both the lake (~5 m wide) and inflowing stream (~30 m wide).