Lake Kuwakatai

Lake Kuwakatai lies a short distance due south of Lake Ototoa and, although the catchment size and type are essentially the same, the lake has very poor water quality and is ranked as second worst in the region after Lake Spectacle. The lake is highly turbid and nutrient enriched. It is surrounded by pasture and […]

Lake Kereta

Lake Kereta lies at the South Head peninsula of the Kaipara Harbour. The lake is shallow and there are no streams or rivers flowing into or out of it. It is primarily filled by underground water, and water losses are due to evaporation from the surface of the lake.

Lake Rototoa

Lake Rototoa (previously known as Ototoa)  is a large, deep lake located behind a series of dunes in the South Kaipara Heads area. It has the best water quality of the lakes monitored by the Auckland Council and remains as one of Auckland’s gems (source Learn more about Rototoa and the work Lakes380 has […]