Can a single sample capture all the bacterial diversity in a sediment core layer?

This was the question Lakes380 research John Pearman and team set out to explore in their recently published research Investigating variability in microbial community composition in replicate environmental DNA samples down lake sediment core. The paper was published in the international journal PLoS one. The research found that while multiple samples were required to capture […]

Is a Central Sediment Sample Sufficient?

Is a central sediment sample sufficient? Exploring spatial and temporal microbial diversity in a small lake Barbara Weisbrod, Susanna A. Wood, Konstanze Steiner, Ruby Whyte-Wilding, Jonathan Puddick, Olivier Laroche, and Daniel R. Dietrich This study published in the journal Toxins by Lakes380 researchers explores whether a single sample taken in the center of a lake […]

Microorganisms from surface sediment of Southland lakes

Congratulations to John Pearman (Cawthron) and co-authors for their paper “Local factors drive bacterial and microeukaryotic community composition in lake surface sediment collected across an altitudinal gradient,” which was published in FEMS Microbiology Ecology. The manuscript investigates microorganisms that live in the surface sediment of lakes in the Southland region. It draws on the analysis […]