The Team

A large team is required for this ambitious project.

The Lakes380 team
The Lakes380 team – Photo by GNS

Marcus Vandergoes – Project Leader – GNS Science (NZ)
Susie Wood – Project Leader – Cawthron Institute (NZ)

GNS Science (NZ)

Xun Li
Dave Try
Ursula Cochran
Claire Shepherd
Stuart Byrne
Lisa Shapcott-Callaghan
Lizette Reyes

Cawthron Institute (NZ)

Charlotte Šunde
Dave Kelly
Sean Waters
Xavier Pochon
Javier Atalah
Elaine Asquith
McKayla Holloway
Katie Brasell – PhD (Auckland University)
Mailys Picard – PhD (Waikato University)

Victoria University of Wellington (NZ)

Andrew Rees
Jamie Howarth
Rewi Newnham

University of Otago (NZ)

Chris Moy
Marc Schallenberg

University of Auckland (NZ)

Kevin Simon

Kahungungu ki Wairarapa iwi (NZ)

Rawiri Smith

Matana Consulting (NZ)

Reece Martin

Griffith University (Aus)

David Hamilton

University of Adelaide (Aus)

John Tibby

University of Southampton (UK)

Pete Langdon

Northern Arizona University (USA)

Nicholas McKay

University of Maine (USA)

Jasmine Saros

University of Wisconsin (USA)

Stephen Meyers

University of Regina (Ca)

Gavin Simpson

Associated Investigators

Anastasija Zaiko (Cawthron)

Jonathan Puddick (Cawthron)

Sean Fitzsimons (Otago University)