Lake Opouahi

Lake Opouahi is a lowland lake system, sitting at an elevation of approximately 485 m, covering an area of 5.8 hectares, with a maximum depth of 18 m. The catchment of the lake is dominated by native bush, swampland, and between 20-30% extensive farmland. The lake is believed to have formed from a landslide event […]

Lake Orakai

Lake Orakai is a lowland lake, situated north of Napier at an elevation of 168 m. The lake covers 3.3 hectares, has a maximum depth of 23 m and is surrounded by high productivity grassland.

Lake Tutira

Lake Tūtira has a maximum depth of 42 m and an average depth of 21 m, has a surface area of 174 hectares and is approximately 155 m above sea level. Water stays in the lake for at least 3 years. Its close proximity to urban areas makes the lake a valued and well-used recreational […]

Lake Waikopiro

Lake Waikopiro lies adjacent to Lake Tutira and is a culturally significant lake as it was a food gathering and resting site on an ancient Māori travelling trail. Waikōpiro flows into Tūtira under a narrow strip of land, and the two lakes are effectively one during high water levels. Lake Waikopiro covers 10 hectares and […]