L53717 is an alpine lake situated in The Remarkables mountain range close to Queenstown. The lake drains to Lake Whākatipu via Wye creek. It is surrounded by rock faces, wetlands and rare alpine flora.


L53753 is an alpine lake is situated between The Remarkables and Hector mountain ranges close to Queenstown. The lake drains to the Kawarau River via Schoolhouse Creek and the Nevis River.

Lake Alta

Lake Alta is a an alpine lake situated within The Remarkables Mountain Range above lake Whākatipu. The lake is a glacially formed cirque located within the perimeter of The Remarkables ski field area. The path to the lake is a popular hike and the lake is used for Antarctic diving preparation.


This alpine lake is situated close to Queenstown below Te Kārearea Peak, to the south of The Remarkables Mountain Range. The lake drains to the Kawarau river via the Nevis River.

Lake Hope

Lake Hope is an alpine lake in The Remarkables Mountain Range. The lake drains to Lake Wakatipu via the Wye Creek South Branch.

Lake Dispute

Lake Dispute is a small lake surrounded by steep mountains near Lake Wakatipu’s Queenstown-Glenorchy road. The Lake Dispute water management zone covers an area of 594 hectares (LAWA)

Lake Kirkpatrick

Lake Kirkpatrick is a small lake surrounded by steep mountains near Lake Wakatipu, situated beside the Moke Lake access off road.

Lake Wakatipu / Whakatipu Wai Māori

Whakatipu Wai Māori (Lake Wakatipu) is the second largest of the southern glacial lakes, covering 290 square km. The lake is relatively thin, but the mountains run straight into the lake, forming a deep canyon, 399 meters at its deepest point. At its widest point Lake Wakatipu is five kilometers wide, and the total length […]

Moke Lake / Punamāhaka / Waikāmāhaka

Punamāhaka and Waikāmāhaka are the traditional names for Moke Lake. Both names mean “twin waters” in reference to the peculiar shape of the lake. Moke Lake is a steep montane lake, surrounded by tussock farmland and an adjoining bog. It is an Area of Significant Indigenous Vegetation (QLDC). It is near Queenstown off the Queenstown-Glenorchy […]

Lake Tuakitoto / Roto-nui-a-Whatu

Roto-nui-a-Whatu (Lake Tuakitoto) is a large regionally significant freshwater wetland situated in the Lower Clutha River Catchment in South Otago. Lake Tuakitoto is a remnant of a very much larger wetland system which included Lake Kaitangata. Drainage work carried out in the past has allowed farming to establish around Lake Tuakitoto, on what was once […]

Lake Johnson / Waipuna

Waipuna (Lake Johnson) is a small relatively shallow lake near Queenstown in the Queenstown-lakes region of Otago. It has a maximum depth of 27 m, a surface area of 0.2 km² and resides in a small catchment (1.9 km²). It is classified as a glacial lake with no natural in-flowing or out-flowing water; the only […]

Lake Hayes / Waiwhakaata

Waiwhakaata (Lake Hayes) is a 280 hectare lake (31 m maximum depth), that has become eutrophic due to elevated nutrient inputs from its catchment. The Lake Hayes catchment has been used for agriculture since late 1800s, but severe degradation was not observed until the late 1960s, when the bottom waters of the lake became anoxic […]

Lake Lochnagar / Ōtaka

Ōtaka (Lake Lochnagar), also known as Goat Lake, is an alpine lake at an altitude of 1083 m, situated in the Mt Aspiring National Park south/west of Lake Wanaka. The lake is surrounded by steep mountain terrain.

Lake Little Mckay

Little Lake Mckay is a small alpine lake in the Pisa mountain range above Lake Wanaka.

Lake Mckay

Lake Mckay is a small alpine lake situated in the Pisa mountain range above Lake Wanaka.