Sutton Salt Lake

Sutton Salt Lake is New Zealand’s only inland salt lake, with water about half as salty as seawater. Formed in a windy cool-temperate maritime climate, the lake is distinctly different from most of the world’s saline lakes that form in arid continental settings. The site receives c. 500 mm/year rainfall and the surface evaporation rate […]

Lake Dispute

Lake Dispute is a small lake surrounded by steep mountains near Lake Wakatipu’s Queenstown-Glenorchy road. The Lake Dispute water management zone covers an area of 594 hectares (LAWA)

Lake Kirkpatrick

Lake Kirkpatrick is a small lake surrounded by steep mountains near Lake Wakatipu, situated beside the Moke Lake access off road.

Lake Wakatipu / Whakatipu Wai Māori

Whakatipu Wai Māori (Lake Wakatipu) is the second largest of the southern glacial lakes, covering 290 square km. The lake is relatively thin, but the mountains run straight into the lake, forming a deep canyon, 399 meters at its deepest point. At its widest point Lake Wakatipu is five kilometers wide, and the total length […]

Moke Lake / Punamāhaka / Waikāmāhaka

Punamāhaka and Waikāmāhaka are the traditional names for Moke Lake. Both names mean “twin waters” in reference to the peculiar shape of the lake. Moke Lake is a steep montane lake, surrounded by tussock farmland and an adjoining bog. It is an Area of Significant Indigenous Vegetation (QLDC). It is near Queenstown off the Queenstown-Glenorchy […]

Lake Tuakitoto / Roto-nui-a-Whatu

Roto-nui-a-Whatu (Lake Tuakitoto) is a large regionally significant freshwater wetland situated in the Lower Clutha River Catchment in South Otago. Lake Tuakitoto is a remnant of a very much larger wetland system which included Lake Kaitangata. Drainage work carried out in the past has allowed farming to establish around Lake Tuakitoto, on what was once […]

Lake Waihola

Lake Waihola is situated on the lower Taieri Plain, 30 kiol metres south-west of Dunedin and 10 km from the coast. It is part of the Waipori-Waihola wetland complex that covers 2000 hectares. The wetland is regarded as one of the largest and most significant remaining freshwater wetlands in New Zealand and supports a diverse […]

Tomahawk Lagoon (Upper)

Tomahawk Lagoon (Upper) is the eastern lagoon of two shallow brackish water lagoons that are joined by a narrow channel. Together they are known as Tomahawk Lagoon. The Upper drains to the Lower, which then drains to the ocean via a small stream, which is cut off from the ocean at low tide. Several small […]

Tomahawk Lagoon (Lower)

The Tomahawk Lagoon is located on the outskirts of Dunedin, on the south of the Otago Peninsula. The lagoon is noted for its bird life (Wikipedia). Tomahawk Lagoon (Lower) is the western lagoon of two shallow brackish water lagoons, joined by a narrow channel, that make up Tomahawk Lagoon. Tomahawk (Lower) drains to the Pacific […]

Lake Rotoiti (Nelson Lakes)

Lake Rotoiti is the smaller of the two large glacial lakes in Nelson Lakes national park. The lakes were formed when rivers were dammed behind past glaciers’ terminal moraines (ridges of rubble that form at the front of a glacier) (source

Lake Kāurupātaka

Lake Kāurupātaka is a small lake tucked in-behind a hill to the south of the Taramakau River at the northern limit of Arthur’s Pass National Park. It is surrounded by native vegetation.

Lady Lake

Lady Lake is a small shallow body of water of which 50% is open water and the remainder is swampy flats. The lake supports populations of a number of species of waterfowl, including endemic and indigenous species, and the endemic Giant Kokopu. Lady Lake is a glacially formed lake enclosed by a moraine of the […]

Lake Māhinapua

Lake Māhinapua is a shallow lake on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island. It is about 10 kilometres south of Hokitika and near the small town of Ruatapu. It was formerly a coastal lagoon, but the buildup of coastal dunes made it an inland lake roughly 500 metres from the Tasman Sea coastline […]

Lake Mapourika

Lake Mapourika is located on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island. It lies north of Franz Josef Glacier and the out-flowing Ōkārito River drains it into the Ōkārito Lagoon. It is the largest of the West Coast lakes, a glacier formation from the last ice age (source wikipedia).

Lake Moeraki / Moerangi

Moerangi (Lake Moeraki) is a small lake on the Moeraki River on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. State Highway 6 runs along its western edge. The lake is surrounded by native vegetation and lies within the Te Wahipounamu World Heritage site (source wikipedia).